Argutec, s.r.o.


Argutec, s.r.o. specializes in the development of machine vision systems, close circuit camera systems, thermal imaging and measuring the product shape deviations from its ideal shape. We always adapt the offered products to customer requirements and integrate them into the workflow. With our experience we are able to develop any industrial solution in this area according to your requirements.

Newly we have extended our portfolio with thermovision and a solution of camera monitoring of preheated and other furnaces with high temperatures ranging up to 1400°C (product Furnace Camera System).





Argutec, s.r.o.

Our goal is to develop for your Company Machine Vision System with high level of inovation seamlessly integrated into your production workflow. Our values are:
  • joy of beying able to create,
  • satisfaction of the customer,
  • creativity and distinction of our solutions.

Do you need to:

  • Automate monitoring of quality in production?
  • Independently evaluate quality of input material?
  • Increase production efficiency?
  • Reduce number of complaints and claims?
  • Optimize production processes?
  • Save in energy costs and wages?