Argutec Company was founded by specialists involved in development of industrial systems (not only in the field of machine vision) for several years. The main objective of Argutec is to provide your company with solutions with high level of innovation, seamlessly integrated into your production workflow. Image analysis algorithms are custom-tailored to your exact needs, no third party solutions are used – this gives us unlimited possibilities in development and none of your requirements is a problem. Don’t adapt yourself to someone else’s solutions and let us develop truly your system.


We are proud of our individual approach to our customers and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We are fueled with joy to be able to work on interesting, creative projects and we believe in positive influence of this approach on quality of final products.

Experience with complex product development speaks for Argutec, s.r.o. We have vast experience mainly in these fields:

  • machine vision systems,
  • operator applications,
  • applications for data visualizations,
  • applications for statistical and analytical data evaluation, 
  • mathematical models and production workflow optimization,
  • communication with production line control systems, 
  • enhancement of existing systems with sensors, counters and other parts to work with additional software, 
  • development of control systems,
  • industrial thermal imaging applications, 
  • close circuit camera systems and recording devices installation..
The Argutec company name has been derived the name of Argus Panoptes, the Giant, from Greek mythology. Argus was a primordial all-seeing giant with one hundred eyes in service of goddess Hera whose main task was to guard priestess Io. For these abilities of ultimate guardian he was selected as a great representative of machine vision principles.



The Moravian-Silesian Automotive Cluster

Our company joined the cluster with following goals in mind:

  • to participate in research & development as a company with vast experience in machine vision systems, automation and development of modern software focused on analytical and statistical data processing and image analysis.
  • to support the automotive industry in a field of machine vision, specialized in non-standard applications which are not easily covered by common configurable machine vision systems available on the market.


VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Thanks to the close collaboration with the university we are able to solve complex mathematical and analytical problems. We are using modern technologies and methods which are applied practically to our software development.

Moravskoslezský kraj


Thanks to our cooperation we were able to realize these projects:

  • Podpora podnikání (2016) - 3D scanning combined with thermal imaging,
  • Podpora vědy a výzkumu (2016) - side slitting quality inspection.