Surface Scan System

Contactless monitoring system for defect evaluation on a grain oriented electrical steel strip. System is flexible and can be used in different industrial areas and with assortment of other materials – plastic, textile, stainless steel, pharmaceutical, food industry, …


The purpose of the system is to monitor manufacturing quality in real-time, to analyze and archive evaluated data. The Surface Scan System evaluates surface defects on a product. Surface Scan System is designed on the principle of easy integration into your production process. Client applications are designed ergonomically to match users’ needs at individual workplaces.

Dividing line application

Benefits of the system

  • Precise location of defects on a product,
  • Improved capacity of follow-up operations due to precise defect location determination and optimal rejection estimation of defected areas

For manufacturers:

  • Elimination of non-conforming product supplied to customer,
  • line operators rapid response on occurring defects with a possibility of immediate defect elimination,
  • better process control, root cause analysis and subsequent action,
  • faster and more accurate impact on warranty claims,
  • cost reduction – consumption of materials, energy and labor.

For customers:

  • Comparison of input material quality delivered from different suppliers,
  • complete report of delivered quality of coil to approve warranty claim to your supplier,
  • cost reduction – consumption of materials, energy, labor, prevention of using non-conforming material on following operations.


The system core consists of Basler line scan cameras and linear lighting system. The system is connected to the production line control unit via I/O module MOXA ioLogik.System architecture

Examples of detected defects on electrical strip

In standard configuration system allows to detect following defects:

Flatness – map + recommended slitting
Flatness map
Boundary defects – recommended slitting
Surface defects – recommended cutting
White surface
White surface
Cut out half moons
Cut out half moons

System is flexible, highly customizable and can be modified to your custom needs with addition of more types of defects.
The delivery also includes a server that ensures:

  • real-time defect evaluation and classification,
  • data distribution to production line operators, slitting lines, technology department, management, etc.,
  • data processing for statistical and analytical evaluation,
  • storing complete coil overview including image data.

The system can be extended with more modules according to your needs, i.e. automatic slitting line configuration so that maximum yield can be ensured.


Application Description
MVSystem Main application that ensures real-time data evaluation and archiving.
Operator Application Application for production line operators. Displays information about current defects present on the plate and notifies the operator (visually and/or acoustically) of defects that he is able to eliminate by an immediate service action.
+ Immediate operator’s action reduces the quantity of plate damaged by removable defect.
Archive Previewer Application designed for technology department. Enables the technology engineers to view all of the collected data, browse image data and perform statistical analysis. Thanks to the data analysis it is possible to optimize production process in previous operations.
+ Continuous work with archived data and their evaluation leads to production process improvement.
Slitting Line Application Application for slitting and cutting lines. Displays detailed data for one coil and recommends optimal:
  • trim depth,
  • plate cutting.
This application can be extended with module that allows automatic configuration of the slitting line and/or cutting line.
+ Working with the cutting information and recommended data increases the line production capacity, reduces the number of additionally required side trimmings and increases quantity of material left in the first grade.

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